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Ecology and Speculative Fiction Talk on YouTube

14 Oct

Anyone interested in Marxism, radical ecology, dystopian/utopian visions and/or fantasy and science fiction writers from Thomas More to Brian Aldiss to Michael Crichton? A talk I gave by video last year to the Writing and Place conference at the University of Montenegro is now available here on YouTube.

Missive #14 – Hooray for the New Wave

5 Sep

While randomly surfing the web I have, by sheer chance, just discovered that an essay of mine, ‘Ideascape’, appeared in last Spring’s Foundation: the International Review of Science Fiction. I hadn’t heard back from the editors so had assumed it’d been binned. It’s about the cultural and historical context of the New Wave of Science Fiction and discusses writers such as JG Ballard, Michael Moorcock and Philip K Dick.

Once I’ve asked the editors nicely I’ll whack it up on this site.