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Bradt Guide Review in Travel Africa Magazine

15 Nov


My deepest thanks to Travel Africa Magazine for this generous review of The Bradt Guide to Ivory Coast:

‘With this guidebook, the author puts the largely unexplored Côte d’Ivoire back on the map, following a period of instability. As well as being a celebration of the country, the book also offers a lot of practical information and background that any potential traveller will find invaluable. Personal stories and anecdotes are intertwined throughout, which add some fascinating texture and observations.’

Cote d’Ivoire’s Colonial Capital

13 Jul

Here be my new Ivorian piece for Selamta.

Upcoming story in Selamta Magazine

19 May

If anyone is flying on Ethiopian Airlines in July or August, do look out for my latest story about the UNESCO project to regenerate Old Bassam, the old colonial capital of Cote d’Ivoire. The magazine is called Selamta and its website is here.