“At last! A Western journalist/academic writing about the Philippines who has done proper homework and legwork, and who clearly has an affection for both the country and its people.”

James Hamilton-Paterson, author of Ghosts of Manila and America’s Boy

“Tom Sykes’ book is an excellent contribution when it comes to Duterte. It sheds valuable light on how such a popular leader could emerge from the thicket of Philippine politics and why he literally continues to get away with murder.”

Professor Walden Bello, author of The Food Wars

Tom is an excellent writer who draws on a broad base of international experience. He is equally adept at research and crafting an artful turn of phrase, and consistently submits work on deadline. Tom maintains clear and timely communication, keeping his editors abreast of any changes. Working with Tom, I knew the copy would come in on time and as requested.”

Elizabeth Freitas, World Trade Press, USA

 ‘Sensitive … his writing describes life on the other side of the world in a convincing manner, without being patronizing.’

Alfred Rushton, Globe and Mail (Canada)

‘Crunchy, punchy, surreal, occasionally severe and always on the button. As with all great language, forget what you’ve heard before and escape with what’s coming at you NOW. Brilliant.’

John Mayfield, audiobookradio.net

“Really well-written stuff, and it moves along for all the obvious attention given to each sentence … a distinguished book.”

James Chapman, Fugue State Press (New York)

“A true gift for small details.”

Sonja Stark, Pilotgirl Productions

“An engaging piece of travel literature … Tom has theoretical acumen, a passion for literature, an investment in publishing, and, most of all cosmopolitanism (Appiah) and worldliness (Said).

Dr Ashraf Jamal, author of Love Themes for the Wilderness and Senior Lecturer at Rhodes University, South Africa.

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