Pen For Hire

Since 2005 I’ve earned my living from a wide range of writing, editing and teaching work.

Contact me if you need first class:

COPYWRITING: finely-crafted webpages and SEOed articles on technology, the arts, food, travel, history and politics.
My experience: staff writer for World Trade Press educational publisher on and websites (see samples of work in archive); writer of Bond Media’s corporate website and the personal website of British Olympic champion David Hemery for Scribbles Copywriting Services; writer of SEO material for Articles and Content, CWC, Internet Brands and Textbroker.

ARTICLES AND BLOGS: features, reviews, opinion pieces, interviews.
My experience: published over 50 articles and short stories in magazines and newspapers in the UK, US, Canada, Australia and Southeast Asia, including The Daily Telegraph, The London Magazine, GoNomad, and The Spark; 2 years as a columnist/blogger for the arts magazine Quill; reviewer for ebook publisher.

PUBLIC SPEAKING AND LECTURING: on creative writing, publishing, journalism, writing for the web, postwar science fiction, travel literature, postcolonial literature, culture and history.

My experience: taught at the University of Portsmouth and the Institute of Modern Languages, Goa; lectured at the Universities of Liverpool, Portsmouth, Malaysia and Goldsmiths, U. of London; performed at Halo Bar, Word of Mouth, Bristol Festival of Literature and Shedfest (Bristol), Tongues and Grooves and Southsea Fest (Portsmouth) and Happy Mondays (Manila); currently studying for a PhD at Goldsmiths.
PROOFREADING/EDITING SERVICES: line-editing, copy-editing, corrections for spelling, punctuation, grammar, syntax, sentence structure, phrasing and idiom.
My experience: 7 years of proofreading stories, articles, business reports, scientific reports and legal papers; structural editor of narrative travel books for Summersdale Publishing, senior proofreader for Women in Action, the magazine of the Isis NGO.

WRITING/EDITING FICTION AND NONFICTION: ghostwriting memoirs, guidebooks, novels, travelogues, short stories, editing anthologies.
My experience: compiled and edited 4 nonfiction books (sales thus far: 20,000); writer of the novella The Blank Space, due out with Pendragon Press later in 2010, novel Bad Territory serialized in Ruthless Peoples magazine from August 2009.

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