New article on Philippine elections in Private Eye

My new article on the upcoming Philippine presidential elections is in the current issue of Private Eye on page 11. An excerpt:

The Liberal party candidate is Maria Leonor Robredo. She currently serves as vice-president to The Punisher. Leni is decent enough, but her friends! Senator Antonio Trillanes may have tried to impeach Duterte in 2019, but he’s no fan of democracy, as the architect of two attempted military coups against Duterte’s predecessor, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Leni will have to overcome the usual suspicion of workers about a party historically linked to oligarchical corruption, eye-watering inequality, the neo-feudal hacienda system that has impoverished farmers, and so much else. She wants to distance herself from the President with whom she has served for six years. But Duterte was a Liberal party member (2009-2015) and campaigned for soon-to-be Liberal president Benigno Aquino III in 2010. Happily, others are tainted, too. When the Punisher himself was standing in 2016, the Communist Party and its pals got behind him. Now, of course, both centrists and leftists claim they despise everything Duterte stands

New Philippines story in current edition of Private Eye

My ninth (I think) article for Private Eye is in the current edition. It’s a brief report on assassinations, media censorship and a draconian new anti-terror bill in the Covid-era Philippines. Only available in the actual papery mag (p. 20), I’m afraid, but worth buying not for my stuff so much as for coverage of topics other outlets don’t go near enough: the ‘revolving door’ between politics and business, corporate skulduggery, pubs (God ‘elp ’em now) etc.