‘Metal Machine Music’ – new comic story for Daily Squib

As a lover of awful puns and not-so-awful music, I wrote this bit of silliness for the Daily Squib recently.

In the music industry – an industry I’ve been in since I was knee-high to a pickaxe handle – there’s been debate about the origins of the genre they call metal, which developed out of rock. Well I was there, man, and I know exactly how that movement started and evolved. And you know what? The details of that story are more literal than what you’ve been led to believe.

It all began in the Summer of Rust. Anyone remember that? It was a golden age of silver machines, brassy birds, Tin Pan Alley, minors really digging rock… and roll. That era put the groove into the grooviness and I wanted to be on the counterculture’s cutting edge. So I got together a group: the Oxidized Morons. The members were me, Ian Lung, Titanium Timmy, Brass Texas and that dude who’d go on to form The Blockheads – what was his name? – Ian Foundry.

Boy, it was tough at the start. The ossified pop music establishment still had its iron grip on the kids’ tastes. I recall Mick Jagged taking a flinty attitude towards us. He slagged us off in the press. And you’d have thought with the name of his band being what it was, he’d have been more sympathetic to us.

Read the rest here.

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